Was Your Real Estate Business So Busy That it Was Taking Over Your Life?


Did you often find yourself hustling to make it to your family dinners, ending up late or missing dinner altogether?

This free book will help you use this pause to build a stunningly successful life with the Ultimate Expansion Strategy leading the way

“The TOP 1% Life”

  • Did you often find yourself hustling to make it to your family dinners, ending up late or missing dinner altogether?

  • Did you hustle to get there, only to be glued to your phone, constantly excusing yourself for calls, emails, texts, and private messages with everyone’s mounting frustration? You can’t help but feel the shame of a business that has been successful but also chaotic and out of control.

  • So, what now? Kathleen Black, one of North America’s leading real estate coaches, has worked with thousands of agents and hundreds of teams to solve this problem. After transforming 80% of her clients into top 1% producers, her tried, tested, and true KBCC Ultimate Expansion Strategy shown within The Top 1% Life can help you too.

Today is the day to leave the “overworked underachiever” concept behind. Build a stunningly successful life with The Top 1% Life leading the way.

What Your Primary Takeaways Will Be When You Read This Book 

 #1 Be present when you sit down for dinner

 #2 Spend quality time during your nights and weekends with your children, spouse, and loved ones

 #3 Find some help that actually makes a difference

  #4 Get your business organized and self-sufficient so everything doesn’t depend on you

  #5 Quit being on call 24/7

 #6 Take an actual break– without your phone

Kathleen Black

Author / Coach / Speaker

A Personal Note from Kathleen Black

I am so thankful that we got to go on this journey together. I am excited to hear your success and to continue cheering you on. I know you will move forward, taking action to build the life and business you deserve! As a way of thanking you for reaching out and sharing your progress with me, I would love to offer you more support! As a gift to extend our journey, I am offering you a free sixty-minute class on organizing your sales business so you have time for a life, to get everything organized, and to have time for your family.

To get your free copy, share your review about the book online, and go to my website: www.ItTakesa.Team/Top1PercentLife

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